Fact Sheet Developer: Heartship Games; based in San Jose, California. Platform: PC Release Date: February 12, 2018 Website: heartshipgames.com/hyperbolic-ignition Price: $9.99 Press Contact: info@heartshipgames.com
Description Hyperbolic Ignition is a 2D multidirectional bullet hell-like shooter about a wandering space pilot trying to return home. By utilizing wormholes, enter and evade combat against hostile spaceships, machinery, sentient crystals, and remnants of warfare. In this difficult retro game, your capabilities to outmaneuver and attack will be challenged to see it through to the end. With 360 degrees of movement and combat, drift through the pitch-black void of space amidst the debris and explosions of fallen foes. As the last known survivor of your race without a place to call home, resist the ongoing pursuit of hostile adversaries. Become the fierce fighter pilot known only in fantasies. Features Gripping space action reminiscent of classic shoot em’ ups. Freedom of movement in addition to wormholes to warp around danger. 21 unique and tough enemies each with their own movement patterns and weaponry. Adapt to any situation with power-ups for 15 possible weapon combinations. Entertaining and endless arcade gameplay that can be enjoyed for hours. Pause anytime to play during queues or short breaks from work. Infinite replayability with randomized enemy spawn and AI. Online leaderboards to compare and boast your skill and mastery against just friends or the entire world. History Hyperbolic Ignition was prototyped in February 2017 and conceptualized as a space  war game about a mercenary pilot in the middle of two warring galactic factions. During playtesting, it turned out as something cool to look at but not fun to play. The player's allies would destroy things offscreen and right before the player got to deal the killing blow leading to dissatisfying gameplay. After being redesigned as a "one vs all" type of game,  the thrill of combat and the state of being in the “zone” or “flow” became pronounced. Hyperbolic Ignition then began full-time development in July 2017. About Heartship Games Heartship Games (a pun on the word “hardship”) was founded in November 2017 by Kevin Nguyen as a sole developer. With the intention of one day working and communicating with a team of developers, Hyperbolic Ignition was created to gain experience as well as understanding of all aspects of game development and how they interplay with each other.


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